How To Clean Your Laptop Properly

Photo: unsplash

Laptops become one of the devices attached to everyday life, because various activities can be done using a laptop.

But because of that also, the laptop becomes easily dirty and dusty. It’s important to keep your laptop clean for convenient use. Routine maintenance also makes the laptop so more durable.

Here are the steps to clean laptop correctly quoting from The New York Times

1. Prepare the cleanser

Jolie Kerr janitor says there are four things to keep in mind to keep the laptop clean: alcohol, microfiber cloth, cotton, and dust blower.

Alcohols with 90% isopropyl will not cause damage to internal laptop components. If laptop users have dirt that is difficult to remove, use a melamine sponge. However, stay cautious in its use because of the rough nature of melamine sponges.

If you see a set of device cleaning devices in the electronics store, do not be tempted to buy it immediately. The equipment at home can also save.

2. Start cleaning from the inside

Cleaning the dirt on the keyboard may be interesting. But it would be a waste to clean the inside of the laptop first.

With a dust blower, the dirt will fly. So it’s useless to damage the screen first. Therefore, start by cleaning or blowing dust on the sidelines of the device using compressed air.

The first thing to do is turn off the laptop. Then, unplug the power cord and remove the laptop battery if it can be removed.

Use a dust blower to remove all the inherent dirt, and blow it into any gaps like the keyboard, the vent, even the USB port.

Use the air from the dust blower on the inside of the laptop. This prevents the buildup of dust over time and causes the laptop to overheat.

For laptop users who are accustomed to or who have pet animals, should be more frequent and careful cleaning the laptop. The reason, dust, smoke, animal hair, and other impurities.

3. Clean the outside of the laptop

Use a microfiber cloth, pour the alcohol in a microfiber cloth, squeeze it so that the alcohol does not drip. Clean the surface of the laptop. Cleaning cotton and alcohol can also be used for keyboards and small spaces between keyboards.

If there are stains that are difficult to remove, rub the sponge melamine consistently and remain cautious to prevent damage to the laptop display.

Treatment will be slightly different. You should be able to clean the finger marks that stick with a dry microfiber cloth.

However, if a touching stain requires extra effort to clean it, pour a little air on the cloth. Use of a household cleaning soap function containing existing chemicals such as ammonia or alkaline to light the screen.