How to Clean Carpet Without a Machine

How to Clean Carpet Without a Machine
The carpet becomes one of the interior decoration inside the house. Some housewives often install carpets to beautify the living room.But in some households, carpets are also not always used but only used when certain moments just like other family events.

Although rarely used, it does not mean if the carpet will not be dirty and do not need to be cleaned.
Carpets are often used in some rooms within the house is very susceptible to deposits of dirt, dust, animal fur, even fleas or mites. Carpets are rarely cleaned will also cause odor.

It’s just that cleaning the carpet is not the same as cleaning clothes or other fabrics.

Due to the large size, thick material, then the carpet must also be treated properly to clean and not easily damaged.

Here’s how to keep the carpet cleanliness to stay durable and beautiful.How to Clean Carpet Without a Machine

1. Clean the stain
Carpets are often used as a base is very susceptible to stains or drink spills. When exposed to stains or spills should be cleaned immediately.

Stains that are not directly cleaned will become a nest of bacteria and make it smell.

2. Take advantage of the doormat
Do not underestimate the benefits of doormats on the doorsteps of the house. If put to good use the mat can help keep the carpet clean.

Place the mat on the front door of the house, so that when it comes into the house the foot is a little cleaner and prevent more dust and dirt enter the house.

Dirt on the mat will be easier to clean than when dirt stuck to the carpet.

3. Vacuum every day
If you install carpets in the living room or the room everyday, then you also have to clean it every day.

Family activity every day will cause dirt or dust. Carpets can be cleaned daily using a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean Carpet Without a Machine

4. Carpet placement
Carpet placement affects the durability of the carpet itself. Carpet should not be placed in a position that is exposed to direct sunlight because it can fade the color of the carpet. Should change the position of the carpet in a certain time so that the carpet is often skipped is not easily damaged or discharged.

5. Carpet storage
The durability of the carpet is also influenced by how to store it. Carpets should be stored after cleaning, then the carpet is packed using plastic so that the dust is not easily attached.

6. Leave it to the experts
If you have trouble to clean your own carpet at home. We recommend using the services of experts to clean the carpet or bring the carpet to the laundry.

How to Clean Carpet Without a Machine