How to Clean Bathroom

photo : thespruce

Sometimes, creating a really clean bathroom feels like a tough task. What’s more, keep it clean. However, there are some basic tips and tricks to clean the bathroom tile and keep it clean.

1. Clean a little every day
Perform small tasks for 20 seconds to improve the freshness of your bathroom every day, such as cleaning mirrors or floor tiles, as well as wiping the counter, backsplash tiles, and taps.

However, every week you are still advised to clean the bathroom thoroughly. However, if you have done a small cleaning every day, work once a week will be easier and more efficient.

2. Heat the tile Whenever possible, turn on the tap to the warmest water setting. Fill the tub with several inches of hot water to heat up the surrounding area. Flush hot water into areas on the tiles that are very difficult to clean too.

Leave on for a few minutes. While waiting, you can clean the mirror or wipe other surfaces. Then drain the hot water and clean the tiles and the surrounding area. The increase in heat has been known to significantly improve the effectiveness of cleaning.

3. Clean from top to bottom If your bathroom is tiled as a bathtub, wall and floor, you need to clean it from top to bottom. Spray the entire antibacterial cleanser, then brush from top to bottom. This improves the efficiency of the cleaning session so that the cleaners and dirt do not flow or fall into the cleared area.

4. Spread the cleanser evenly When cleaning the tiles, you should spread the bathroom tile cleaner evenly. You can do this very effectively with a sponge or soft cloth.

5. Do not rush Most bathroom tile cleaners work best when they are silenced for a few minutes. Hold the urge to start scrubbing the cleanser once you spray it and pass it on. Allow for about 5 minutes to completely activate the cleaning capacity.

6. Scrub the surface After sitting the bathroom tile cleaner for 5 minutes, it’s time to clean. Tile surfaces vary in texture, but grout tends to be more porous, so be sure to use a non-abrasive abrasive, such as a softer brush brush or an antigores cushion.

7. Rinse the cleanser In order for chemicals not to linger on the surface of the bathroom tile, be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning.