How to Choose Car Insurance

How to Choose Car Insurance. Not a few car users underestimate the ownership of car insurance. In fact, insurance can provide more protection to car owners.

By having car insurance, then if there is a problem in your car, then the risks can be minimized.

To choose the insurance, the main thing to note is the ease when filing an application or claim.

“Given the safety of driving is crucial, it is important to protect yourself, your car and your finances with car insurance. In fact, insurance is able to provide real guarantees that protect your car and you from the various risks that exist, ”

Not only that, he also provides tips to choose the right car insurance. Next is the review How to Choose Car Insurance

1. Adjust to needs

Before choosing a product or type of car insurance it is better to adjust it to your needs. In general, car insurance has two types such as all risk insurance or total loss insurance only (TLO).

All risk insurance provides a guarantee of compensation or repair costs for loss or damage in part or in whole to a vehicle that is directly caused by a collision, collision, upside down, slipping, falling, bad deeds, theft, fire, or other traffic accident.

Whereas Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance guarantees compensation for loss or total damage to a vehicle directly caused by a fire car, the car has an accident such as a car collision, collision, upside down, slipping, falling, bad deeds, theft or past accident other traffic. (The maximum vehicle age is 15 years)

2. Must be a trusted company

In order for the prospect to feel secure against the selected insurance company, it is better that the company is already recognized by a particular institution. The institution that controls and oversees the financial services industry

3. Clarity of the contents of the policy

A good policy is what explains in detail what things are covered, not covered up to become extensions. Not only described in the policy, but customers must also get information clearly from the selected insurance company. Do not let the moment the customer filed a claim but was rejected by the insurance company for reasons not covered.

4. Easy claim process

When a customer submits a claim make sure the selected insurance company provides many conveniences. One of the conveniences that can be felt by customers in the era of today when it is integrated with technology.

Customers can make claims via the application by simply filling in the chronological report of the damage event, making a photo of the damage to the car, filling in personal data and choosing the time of the customer’s vehicle to enter the workshop.

5. Scattered network of workshops

Make sure the insurance company that you choose has a wide and quality network of workshops. An extensive network of workshop shops will give you the ease to determine the best auto repair shop to fix your car. Not only that, better yet, an insurance company that has a standardized partner workshop. So the workshop has been confirmed will provide the best service for you.

6. Availability of 24-hour customer service

Make sure the insurance you choose provides 24-hour customer service. Whenever you experience a disaster such as an accident, customer service will be ready to help you. And also make sure the facilities provided are suitable for your needs.

7. Don’t be tempted by cheap premium prices

Do not be tempted by cheap premium prices. Research first whether the cheap premium price will affect the submission of the claim. Do not let this matter adversely affect your finances.