How to Care for Your Boots


How to Care for Your Boots

Stylish business is not just about clothes or pants that you just wear, shoes are also one of the things you can’t forget. Like clothes, shoes and various models and materials, ranging from sporty ones like sneakers to full masculine impressions, boots.

If in the past boots are usually better known as one of the personal protective equipment, now the existence of boots is also cool to complete the appearance. Unfortunately, the boots enthusiasts are still very few. Fear of complicated care of boots is not uncommon to block the interest of people, especially men, to buy it. In fact, the maintenance of boots is not as difficult as imagined.

Ngar’s opinion that the treatment of these troublesome boots can be eliminated from your eyes,How to Care for Your Boots

Before finally buying boots, it’s good to find out in advance the material or material of your choice of boots. Although both boots, different materials, are different ways to care.

If your boots use suede material, you only need to clean it with a dry cloth and a special brush for suede shoes. But if your choice of boots is made of leather, you should avoid it from getting wet and exposure to direct sunlight, because it can shorten its life.

To keep the inner soles of boots, wear socks every time you want to wear them. The use of socks can keep the inner soles of the shoes dry and free from exposure to sweat from your feet, thus avoiding the growth of fungi or bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors.

For this one, it should be applied not only for boots, but also for all types of shoes. By cleaning shoes after use, the damage usually caused by dirt becomes even more minimized, so shoes can last longer. No need to be cleaned excessively like with soap and so on, you just need to brush it a little too much!

After several times of use, not infrequently the inside of the shoe gives off a bad odor. To overcome this, you can spray a special fragrance that you can not only get at a shoe store.

Keep in mind, spraying this perfume is best done when the shoes are dry. It’s also a good idea to give a pause a few hours after spraying before you use it so that the fragrance product can effectively remove the odor.

The last thing you need to do in order to maintain your boots is to keep it back in the shoe box that has been given silica gel after use. The presence of silical gel can help absorb shoes moisture, so the boots are always dry and free from mold growth. Storing shoes in the box can also protect the surface from dust that often sticks tightly and stubbornly