Fashionable Jeans Model Trends in Hollywood Celebrities

You who pay attention to the style of celebrities and the influencers may see the emergence of the trend of a lot of buttons or button fly jeans. The model’s jeans are seen worn by Kendall Jenner, Sofia Richie, to Emily Ratajkowski. Jeans with some buttons on the front can also make your casual style more attractive. Here are five options:

1. Reformation

Foto: ist

The following Emily Ratajkowski styles should be an inspiration for weekend hangouts. Although only using a simple white top, the model and actress look more attractive with motive jeans and front-buttoned. Jeans Macgraw Crop was also present with two pockets in front and accent ‘frayed’ which makes it look more stylish.

2. New Look

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Kendall Jenner and Sofia Richie complete their casual look with similar jeans. To look like them, you can also rely on the following New Look jeans output. Unlike the other options, Tall Blue High Waist Button Front Skinny Jeans also comes with a higher cut.

3. Asos

If you want to look slimmer, you can choose a darker color. Asos shopping site also offers some interesting options. One of them came the Blank NYC brand. Jeans High Rise Skinny Jeans With Open Button Front for Rp 500 thousand is also suitable combined with a shirt like the picture.

4. Wrangler

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Tired of wearing skinny jeans? Wrangler Boyfriend Jean with Exposed Buttons is suitable to be a ‘friend’ t-shirt to wear hangout weekend. Be sure to choose a shirt that is not too loose to look more balanced.

5. Zara

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The options are simple and easily combined with various superiors come from Zara. Jeans with many buttons following comes with a solid black color and pieces fit body. Jeans intersect it also has five pockets and material that is claimed to be comfortable and look elegant.