Dongyoon Career ‘Spectrum’ Travel Before Died Young

The name of Kim Dong Yoon or better known Dongyoon Spectrum became known public when he followed the MIXNINE event.

In the event, Dongyoon had a song Super Freak, Bang Bang Bang, and My House with his colleagues. Dongyoon also managed to seize the public’s attention with a distinctive voice.

Unfortunately, in the 13th episode Dongyoon must be eliminated and ranked 21st in the men’s category.

Shortly after following the event, Dongyoon debuted with a boyband under WYNN Entertainment, ‘Spectrum’ in May 2018.

Debut with the mini album ‘Be Born’, Dongyoon fulfilled his position as a rapper in the seven-member boy band.

Boyband Spectrum is arguably being crawled, but now Dongyoon is declared dead at a very young age of 20 years. And Until now the cause of death from Dongyoon is not known for sure.