Doing Business Without Money Capital, Is It Possible?

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“If you’re good at something, never do it for free” – Joker.
Departing from a piece of sentence in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight, giving any meaning that can have a chance to get the advantage in the business world.

Many people think of being a businessperson, the most important capital is money. So is it true all businesses need money-shaped capital? While there are still many business capital that must be met other than money, one of which is creativity.

Doing business at the core is to gain financial benefits by exchanging goods or services. However, nowadays more business to the ability to create and run ideas that are needed by many people. “The idea that this journey certainly needs to be submitted to the crowd, in layman terms called promotion,”

Like fishing, if fishing in ponds that fish a lot, then the possibility of bait will be eaten by the fish will be greater. A pool in the language of business can be intended as a place of business or market.

In line with the increasingly sophisticated shifts of the era, the market can be created by itself such as using social media like Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and so on. Even today there is a digital market that does not need to rent a place, like e-commerce.

“In fact, it often happens goods sold not own property, but from other traders. So in the present era it is possible to do business without capital. If capital is minimal, then the risk is also minimal.

He considered the hobby or expertise that can be an initial idea to determine the business to run, for example is photography. However, he continued, to remember is that the hobby has a large market or a lot of people need.

No matter want to start from a hobby, a trend or a need. Clearly the target or target consumers are clear, and the desired market is pretty much.

He continued that any product or service to be offered must be understood, in addition to which medium or social media or media channel is most appropriate for the business to be effective.

In starting a business, of course every business actor has a strategy. Business strategy is divided into two parts, namely selling and promotion that must be run in tandem. To gain a large profit a trader can sell with a large margin (profit) per item of goods sold.

Another way to sell goods with a margin (profit) is small but sells in bulk. Perpetrators should also know whether the product offered is needed and desired by the consumer.Whether purchased once or repeatedly.

Equally important, operational costs should be kept in order not to enlarge to maintain profitability. For that, financial management also needs to mature.

Strategies that can be applied to financial management are first, separating business finances with personal finance. Second, do a good financial record. This is done to facilitate monitor which goods are most profitable for business so that business turnover can be done quickly. Third, have a business plan for the business to grow over time.