Credit Card Visa Hack


Credit Card Visa Hack.There are several ways used by hackers in stealing credit cards, including:

1. Sniffer package, this method is the fastest way to get any data. The concept of their work is simply to use a program that can view or make logging files from the data sent by e-commerce websites (online sales) that they seek. In general, they target websites that are not equipped with security encryption or sites that do not have good security.
2. Make spyware programs and the like
which functions like a keylogger (keyboard logger, program records keyboard activity) and the program is spread via e-mail Spamming (put files in attachments), mirc (chat), messenger (yahoo, MSN), or certain sites with icons or the lure that attracts the netter to download and open the file.

This program will record all the activities of your computer into a file, and will send it to the hacker email. Sometimes this program can be run directly if you enter a site created by hackers.

3. Make a phishing site
that is a similar site or looks the same as the original site. example in Indonesia when it was a site Now if hacking is a card that makes it a site, get ready for your credit card to be broken.
4. Break down e-commerce sites
it instantly and stole all the data of its customers. This method is rather difficult and requires hackers or hackers who have experience to do it. In general they use injection methods (including scripts that can be run by sites / servers) for sites that have firewalls. There are several ways of injection, among others, commonly used html injection and SQL injection. For sites that do not have security or firewalls, get ready to work on them.

There are several more ways that hackers do, but the methods above are the most common ways hackers do carding. Unusual ways will be explained later at a later time. Crime does not only occur because of the intention of the perpetrator, but because of the opportunity, beware … beware …

This article is not intended to teach you how to steal credit card data, but we want to let you know that in the future you can be avoided from theft of credit card data.