Cool Screen Concept Galaxy X folding Screen

After presenting a full-screen phone, a number of vendors are ready to gush a folding screen device to the market. Samsung became one of them, they are rumored to be presenting Galaxy X.

But so far there has been no detailed information about the mechanism of Galaxy X. Although according to various sources, this phone will utilize a flexible OLED screen for when folded undamaged.

To understand the design and folding of Galaxy X, the Android Authority page makes the concept of this phone. The making itself comes from patent information and leaked a number of parties. Here’s the concept:

Shell Design


Samsung makes Galaxy X can be folded in two types according to user needs. Can be folded forward, or can also backward.

Folded Design


This concept is based on Samsung’s proposed patent. The flexible OLED screen lets the user fold the phone into three parts.

Foldable Design


This phone can only be folded once, about a quarter of the screen. Leaving a small screen that can be used as a small smartphone with full features.

Fold One-third Design


Just like the previous concept, the difference is the area that folded 1/3. The Galaxy X screen is folded forward and makes the screen smaller for displaying camera applications.

Currently Samsung is still testing the folding OLED display model in South Korea to find the optimal solution for the design of Galaxy X. Reportedly in the 2016 CES event, Samsung will show off its folding phone.