Consumption of Beauty Drink Can Make Face Brighter and Younger

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In addition to doing face care from the outside with a series of skincare, do not forget the treatment from the inside. Make sure every day consume enough water, avoid greasy and fatty foods, to routinely eat vegetables and fruits.

In fact, these habits can make facial skin becomes bright and youthful. But now there are other ways that can make skin bright and youthful face, ie by eating a beauty drink or beauty drink.

Some studies reveal that beauty drinks are nutricosmetic rich in nutritious food ingredients for the skin. Head of Medical Kalbe Nutritionals, dr. Muliaman Mansyur, reveals beauty drink is a drink that contains the nutrients needed by the skin to stay beautiful, healthy, bright, and look younger.

“Beauty drinks are a part of the pharmaceutical or often referred to as functional foods or functional foods and beverages, which can improve health and prevent disease or include aging,” said dr. Muliaman

He also exposed the beauty drink is believed to be more useful and even more comfortable to drink than pill medicine or capsule beauty.

Content of beauty drinks that contain active peptide collagen usually begin to drink women aged over 21 years because at this age will begin a decline in collagen tissue. In fact, the decline in collagen tissue can decrease by 1.5 percent per year.

As for its use depends on the dosage form. Usually can be 1 times to 2 times a day.

“Beauty drinks derived from antioxidants and active collagen are usually derived from natural ingredients.The antioxidants usually come from superfruits such as pomegranate or pomegranate, acai berry, acerola, and grape seed or grape seed, and active collagen derived from cod liver collagen. this has been clinically tested and safe to eat, “he explained.

One beauty drink that can be consumed is Diva Beauty Drink is formulated with 1,000 mg of collagen, peptidan elastin, and super antioxidants and is made without preservatives and artificial sweeteners.