Coffee Drink Routine Can Make Longer Life

Coffee lovers will be pleased with the latest findings of British researchers. A regular coffee drink is associated with longevity benefits.

A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine reveals drinking coffee is associated with a lower risk of natural early death. This finding is justified research leader, Dr. Erikka Loftfield.

“We observed the opposite relationship between drinking coffee and death, including among participants who drank at least 1 cup of coffee per day, up to 8 cups and even more, including those who drank filtered coffee, instant and decaffeinated coffee,” says Loftfield which became part of the National Cancer Institute research team to the Team

The researchers looked at UK Biobank study data where a large group of English adults filled out previous health questionnaires. They have also undergone a physical examination and provide biological samples.

The amount of information analyzed came from 500,000 participants who answered about their coffee consumption, smoking and drinking habits, health history and many others. During the 10 years since the study, about 14,200 participants died.

The researchers found longevity benefits associated with almost every level and type of coffee consumption of participants. The mortality risk reduction is slightly different, depending on how a person consumes coffee. Does the coffee contain caffeine and whether the coffee comes from instant packaging or ground coffee.

Overall, compared to non-coffee drinkers, those who drank coffee daily experienced a reduced risk of up to 8 percent of natural premature deaths. The number is slightly increased, reaching 16 percent for those who drank 6-7 cups of coffee per day and 14 percent for those who ate 8 cups or more of coffee per day.

But keep in mind, this study only saw the consumption of coffee participants after the disease and did not check the risk of death as a whole. “Our current understanding of the benefits of coffee and health is based solely on observational studies,” Loftfield said.

According to him to better understand the association of coffee consumption and longevity other research needs to be done. “Our research points to the fact that drinking coffee can be part of a healthy diet and offering comfort to coffee lovers,” Loftfield says.