Choosing a Healthy Pizza

Many people assume that pizza is one of the unhealthy foods because it contains high calories. The opinion may be true, or it may not.

Assessing whether or not healthy pizza depends on the portion eaten and topping used. “Pizza is actually healthy but if you eat according to the portion, if the calorie depends on the topping,”
The calories contained in the pizza depends on the content of the pizza topping itself. “100 grams of sirloin meat is about 250 calories, if 100 grams of cheavor cheese is about 370”

Usually, American pizza tends to contain higher calories than Italian pizza.

“American pizza is usually filled with high-calorie toppings, like cheese, barbecue sauce, mayonaise even in Indonesia eaten with chilli sauce .. I prefer Italian Pizza because the topping is fresher,”

Healthy pizzas are pizza that is eaten in portion and topped with fiber, like vegetables and a little cheese, or even can use low-fat cheese.

“Anyway calories are not really important anyway, the important thing is the content of nutrients in it,”

Differentiating American and Italian pizza

According to Chairman of Indonesian Chef Association Jakarta Representative, Setiyanto, there are two things that distinguish pizza from American origin and Italian pizza. First, from the side of the dough and the second is topping / filling.

“American pizza dough is thick, while for Italian pizza the dough or the layer is very thin,”

The second difference is seen in topping / filling. Italian pizza filling is more specific while American pizza is mixed filling. “Italian pizza if cheese pizza yes it’s only cheese, if sausage, yes all sausage,” he added. In contrast to American pizza that mixes some ingredients in one pizza, even though the menu only says the beef pizza.