Cheap Auto Insurance Companies

Getting the minimum amount of car insurance is risky business. However, not everyone can afford a bunch of additional coverage. And, some people might not need anything but the minimum. In those cases, having state-mandated coverage is far better  than having no insurance at all.

The Best Cheap Auto Insurance Companies

  • Travelers — The Most Discounts
  • Geico — Highest Claims Satisfaction Scores
  • Progressive — Best for “High-Risk” Drivers
  • Allstate — Best for New Drivers
  • State Farm — Best for Uber/Lyft Drivers

Why we chose it
Lots of driver discounts
If you’re looking for the cheapest auto insurer, we suggest you start with Travelers. It offers the highest number of discounts among our top picks, and its deductions are primarily based on you, the driver.

For example, Travelers awards drovers a 2–3% discount for using an electronic funds transfer to pay your bill — if you’re already paying your bill online, setting up a recurring payment directly from your bank account allows you to easily earn this discount while also being rewarded for paying each bill on time. These are simple ways to save that almost anyone can benefit from.