Benefits of Eating Two Eggs Every Day

Eggs are simple foods that are rich in benefits, these foods are often the mainstay of rice. Eggs are proteins that are very good for you to consume.

If you are diligent in eating two eggs every day there is anything out there, what are the benefits? following the review.

1. creating fertility

Eggs are foods that contain vitamin B substances are useful for the body memprodusksi sex hormones, in addition folic acid in eggs also help in the formation of nerves and the most remarkable if you are diligent to eat eggs is to help children born to avoid mental disability.

2. Prevent Cancer

Eggs are foods rich in choline, which is touted to be used for the body, in one study, eating two fruits daily can reduce the number of patients 24 percent.

3. Avoid from Heart Disease

Many people say that eggs are foods that increase cholesterol levels, but that race is not true. On the contrary, eggs are foods that can reduce fat in the body thanks to the abundant omega-3 fatty acids. Because this ability to eat eggs every day can reduce the number of heart diseases.

4. improve brain function

Want to be smart? just eat eggs every day. Eggs are foods rich in choline, choline itself is an important nutrient for building the brain, connecting brain cells to interconnect, if you are diligent to eat eggs then you will be smarter.

5. Prevent Eye Damage

Lutein in eggs is also very useful, a useful ingredient to improve the human eye such as cataracts and macular degeneration. If you want your eyes to stay sharp and healthy, eat two eggs every day.