Auto Generate Content for Landing Page and Adsense Book version


Auto Generate Content for Landing Page and AdsenseI have an ebook landing page to play cpa and adsense can also be installed. for that I want to offer anyone who wants to buy cheap. please read until it’s finished so you understand.Auto Generate Content for Landing Page and Adsense

for those of you who want to buy please read the following conditions:

1. the script that will be created is the agc script for landing the cpa page and for playing adsense
2. the script is made full automatically
3. Installation is made very easy and the configuration is easy too
4. The script is created without any key fire so it does not worry that the fire will die again
the data source is taken from goodreads
5. Prices are very cheap, so don’t bid.

Features to be created:
1. Full automatic
2. Automatically generate sitemap
3. SEO friendly
4. a search feature that automatically generates new content, adds an automatic sitemap, and stores data in the cache so that the data is loaded very lightly
5. use premium paid templates that have never been used by other landingpages from themeforest. template demo can be seen here

who are interested and want to buy:
request via whatsapp + 62823-2098-6147
please contact me for payment details via paypal Only $50