Apple Watch and Fitbit Misused Drug Addicts

Photo : pbs

Most people use Apple Watch, Fitbit or the like to track their exercise and health routines. However, some people abuse it for negative things.

A number of addicts reveal how Apple Watch and Fitbit are being used while enjoying drugs. The wearable device is used to track the pulse while using cocaine, ketamine, and amphetamine.

One of the drug addicts said that his normal heartbeat is 55. If his gadget shows that his heart rate has reached 150 or 160, then he will stop taking drugs.

There is a lot of information available online, but that’s less specific to me. When I see my pulse change in Fitbit when I’m eating cocaine, it’s real and specific data about me.

As we know, the use of cocaine will cause increased heart rate, narrowed blood vessels, and enlarged pupils of users.

Professional medical workers criticize this method. They mentioned that using a heart rate monitor for this purpose can make the drug addicts feel safe, but what they are doing is certainly very dangerous look.

According to cardiologist, Ethan Weiss, blood pressure and heart rhythm have not been able to be tracked by Apple Watch and Fitbit. Where both of these are also strongly influenced by the consumption of cocaine.

There are also studies that found that technologies such as Apple Watch can not be as accurate as chest strap in monitoring the heart rate of its users.