6 Eyebrow Draw Mistakes to Avoid

image : youtube

You are used to draw eyebrows must know that creating the shape and appearance of the perfect eyebrow is easy bother.

Well, here are some mistakes you might make, which could make the end result of less than maximal eyebrows, anything?

1. Change the shape of the eyebrows
Eyebrow shape is not always perfect, not even rarely different between the left and right. However, your natural eyebrow shape should be the basis for drawing eyebrows, because believe it or not, the natural shape of your eyebrows is what fits your face best. All you can do is perfect your natural eyebrow shape and instead change the shape 180 degrees.

2. Shave off eyebrow hair
Feeling not ideal or your eyebrows too thin, you decide to shave off every eyebrow and redraw everything. In fact, the strands of your eyebrow hair can create a more beautiful natural look. Should leave your eyebrow hair on the part you want to fill. When the strands are felt too thin, you can always reinforce it with a sweep of the gel / mascara.

Mistakes are common when you do your own eyebrow explorations. My advice, invest 1-2 times meeting and consultation with beautician in eyebrow salon for threading / waxing and eyebrow formation, so you can know the ideal shape recommended for your face shape.

3. The color is wrong
Ideally, the color of the eyebrows matches the color of your hair. For example, your hair color is dark black, avoid using light brown color that is too bright and contrast. Vice versa, if your hair color is bright, avoid drawing eyebrows with solid black color, and choose a brown color.

In addition, also adjust the color of your natural eyebrow hair, here are suggestions from Anastasia Soare, the owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills beauty brand that is popular pomade brow product, “If your eyebrow hair is bright, eyebrow color with tinted gel brow that color 1 the level is darker. For those with dark, dense eyebrows, be careful that the dark color used to color the eyebrows does not dominate the face, so just choose an eyebrow dye product that is 1 level brighter or use a clear surf / gel. ”

4. Draw the eyebrows too thin or too thick
Got #EyebrowGoal ala How Delevigne is okay, but please be aware that not all faces match the super thick eyebrows, so even with the thin eyebrow ala 90s that look antagonistic. Consult the ideal shape and thickness suggested by experts at a special eyebrow salon.

5. Use only one color to draw eyebrows
For a natural look, avoid drawing with the same thickness and color from the tip to the base of the eyebrows, because it can create a fierce impression. Try to combine two colors to fill your eyebrows, such as black and gray, gray and dark brown, or dark brown and brown to produce a natural gradation of the tip (the upper part of the nose with a lighter and thinner color) to the base (eyebrows, darker and undefined)

6. Draw the eyebrows unnaturally
Usually this happens when using an eyebrow pencil or semi permanent eyebrow tattoo. You draw an eyebrow to the full to produce an eyebrow-shaped blocking, especially for those already shaved eyebrow hair. Eyebrow embroidery techniques, gambari with hatching techniques resemble strands of natural eyebrow hair, or fill in the blanks between brow hair with brow powder / brow pomade with natural sweep to avoid producing a stiff look.

Well how ya, did you ever do it? Make a guy do not be ashamed to admit if you ever