5 Tips on Sex on a Special Day

Photo : Marona Online

More intimate and romantic moments may be rarely done on Ordinary days. Take advantage of other special moments with sex sessions that can be more interesting. Here are tips on making love on special day, such as Sunday, holiday, birthday, or wedding anniversary.

1. Experiment with Sex Positions
Sunday is time to experiment with positions that have never been tried. At special moments, you and your partner have plenty of time to enjoy the different sensations of trying different positions. The advantage is the next day you and your partner will be more fresh start the day.

2. More Than Once
If on weekdays, sex is usually only done at night. On Sundays or holidays, there’s no harm in having sex more than once. When more you and your partner can be intimate with each other more intense if not on a holiday?

3. Sex In addition to the Room
Have more time on special day, time to have sex outside the room. Can choose in bath tub or kitchen. That way will provide a sensual sensation of its own.

4. Foreplay Older
Because it has a longer time on a holiday, ask the husband to not rush penetration. Foreplay longer will be more delicious for women. You and your husband can experiment with foreplay. Can try using sex toys or explore each other’s body.

5. Do not Love Too Night
Because the next day you and your partner have done the activity again, you should not make love too late. Make sure your sleep time and your partner is enough. Do not even be exhausted the next day for having sex too late.