5 Steps Car Insurance

5 Steps Car Insurance. Insurance becomes one of the important things for vehicle owners. The reason, it can reduce the uncertainty of the possibility of unexpected losses.

However, there are still many car owners still do not know how to insure the car. Including the type of insurance that will be used, namely Comprehensive and Total Loss Only.

Before choosing the type of insurance, you should know the difference between the two types of insurance. Here’s the explanation:


Guarantee risks due to partial loss and total loss caused by all risks as long as they are not excluded in the policy.

Total Loss Only

Guarantee risks due to theft and damage if the repair costs are estimated to equal to or exceed 75% of the vehicle price immediately prior to the loss.

Therefore we give tips on how you can insure your car.

1. Request an Insurance Quote
To find out What is the insurance premium for your car, Ask for an Insurance offer for your car.

If you have got an offer, please ask for an explanation from the insurance marketing, any loss that insurance is guaranteed on your car. After that, submit the necessary documents for the next process.

2. Complete the Document
Fill in your data, and complete the required documents into Insurance marketing.

3. Vehicle Survey
After submitting the document, the survey officer will check the state of your vehicle before being insured. The results will be outlined in the survey report you then signed. You can skip this survey process if your vehicle is new (still in the dealer).

4. Polis Created
After all the above process is done, then the insurance policy will be printed and sent to your address.

5. Payment of Premi
Payment of premi can be done by: Transfer through virtual account related. A Virtual Account number can be seen on the debit note attached with your insurance policy.