5 Reasons The Importance of Breakfast

Often referred to as the most important daily food, many people still do not eat breakfast. Though breakfast has 5 special benefits of this.

Not just filling the stomach in the morning, breakfast has many health benefits. Even for those who want to control weight, breakfast is highly recommended. Quoted from The Health Site (9/7), this is the advantage of diligent nutritious breakfast.

1. Controlling weight
The study, published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed participants under the age of 60 who ate the most daily calories from breakfast, had a lower Body Mass Index. Filling the stomach in the morning also makes full longer so the desire to snack during the day is reduced. It can even lower the risk of overeating at lunch or dinner hours.

It’s just the breakfast menu needs to be considered. Avoid choosing a high sugar menu. Choose a healthy high-fiber dish such as oatmeal. A study in The Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism reveals when a person eats oatmeal instead of high-sugar cereal, they consume 31% fewer calories during the next meal.

2. Maintain blood sugar levels
There are many studies that show when someone avoids breakfast, he is susceptible to type 2 diabetes by triggering chronic insulin resistance. The findings are also reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently.

3. Sehatkan heart
Who would have thought the breakfast routine can be heart healthy. Research in Circulation has proven that men who skip breakfast have a 27% higher risk of heart attack, even heart disease than regular breakfast.

4. Prevent inflammation
Another benefit of breakfast is preventing inflammation or inflammation, according to the American Journal of Nutrition. Researchers found that when someone skipped breakfast, the risk of getting inflamed justri increased. Likewise with the risk of obesity and diabetes. If you do not want to bother to prepare breakfast but with a fixed menu healthy, yogurt with slices of fruit could be an option.

5. Strengthen coginitive function
Various studies indicate diligent breakfast with a healthy menu can improve cognitive function through increased memory and logical reasoning. The findings of Physiology & Behavior also reveal a diligent breakfast boy perform better than those who do not. Breakfast menu in question is not cereal but a bowl of oatmeal rich in nutrients.